Cecil Evans
Evans taking part in a raid on Army supplies in Guadalcanal


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Guadalcanal Campaign



Pvt. Cecil "Chicken" Evans is a minor character in John Basilone's regiment.


Evans is first seen attracting the ire of Basilone's friend, J.P Morgan when the latter rants at a Staff Sergeant for playing a comedy sketch on the radio. Evans asks what he's got against "Aunt Jemana", causing Morgan to rant to him, instead, causing Basilone and Rodriguez to have to calm him down.

Evans is next seen as part of the Marines' raid on the Army's equipment and supplies, along with Basilone and Morgan.

He would later be seen after a brutal Japanese bombardment, being rescued from the ruins of his position, along with Pvt. LaPointe and others, by Basilone. Evans breaks down sobbing, and could not stop doing so for some time even after Basilone orders him to dig in with a shovel.

Evans recovers, later cracking a joke before becoming a participant in the Battle of Matanikau along with Basilone and LaPointe. The three shoot down several enemy soldiers before they head to Morgan's position, meeting light resistance along the way. When they reach the position, Morgan's gun gets jammed, and Evans fixes it before shooting down more enemy soldiers with a Trenchgun. It is here that Evans witnesses Basilone shooting down several soldiers by himself, as well as risking his life to give Morgan a clear field of fire before heading off that night to gather some more ammunition.


Evans asleep on the foreground after the battle.

After the battle, Basilone returns to find everyone alive, but Evans deeply asleep. Evans presumably joins his fellow Marines to Melbourne, but his fate is unknown.

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