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Capt. Jameson (first name unknown) is an officer in the First Marine Division who only appears in the first episode.


Jameson is first seen just prior to landing on Guadalcanal reciting a speech to his fellow Marines as their commanding officer.

His unit manages to land without incident, but after a medical corpsman is killed by friendly fire, he becomes more and more anxious, as was obvious to Lt. Corrigan and Sgt. Stone when they were with him at the time, to the point where it's mentioned in Leckie's memoirs that to him, even a tiny lit cigarette lighter at dawn would set the enemy on them like a campfire at night.

Eventually, he breaks in the middle of the Battle of the Tenaru, much to Stone's chagrin. It is later mentioned the next morning by Corrigan that Jameson has been relieved, making Corrigan the commanding officer.

After that, his fate has been left unclear.


  • Jameson is obviously the "Captain" of Leckie's memoirs.
  • Jameson is one of the only three Marines of his rank depicted in the series along with Andrew Haldane, and a briefly seen character named Burns Lee.
  • Jameson is the only officer commanding Leckie's company to have the rank of Captain in the series.

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