Lewis on the Canal.


Brynn Loosemoore


Pharmacist's Mate Third Class


Guadalcanal Campaign


Killed by friendly fire, Guadalcanal, 1942

PM3 Lewis is a corpsman assigned in Robert Leckie's Platoon.


Lewis was first seen on Guadalcanal, telling the men that Corporal Dobson thinks the Japanese poisoned the coconuts, only to receive a sarcastic remark from Runner, about the fact that they poisoned a billion coconuts. Lewis shrugs, before running off to tend to a man who accidentally stabbed his hand while trying to open a coconut. He is then seen trudging through the jungle, and helping up Gibson, who slips.

That night, he had gone to pee, but on his way back, he stumbled on the password, and was killed by friendly fire from a jumpy Marine. His body was buried the following morning.


  • Lewis is one of the only Corpsmen in the series. The other one is Stern. And there are also a few unnamed ones in Peleliu.
  • Lewis is the first character killed in the series.

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