Loudmouth on Gloucester


Nathan Corddry




Battle of Cape Gloucester


Killed by boulder on Cape Gloucester, 1944

Private "Loudmouth"(name unknown) is a replacement in Robert Leckies Platoon


Loudmouth was first seen on Cape Gloucester, putting Ralieghs in a straw Japanese. He is then seen setting up a tent, and wondering how a Canadian (Lieutenant Lebec) makes it from the ETO, to the Pacific.

He would participate in the fight against the Japanese, and later remarked that two men will be missing in the war, himself, and the MP they send after him. One night, in his tent he was reading a propaganda book, that portrayed Basilone as the hero of Guadalcanal. "Now I know why you don't talk about Guadalcanal. Because John Basilone did it all. Now he's home selling bonds, and dicking blondes." he says.

He is not seen again after that, but it was revealed in Robert Leckies Memior, Helmet For My Pillow, that he was killed on Gloucester, when a boulder fell and crushed him.


  • His real name is never revealed in the series, or the book.

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