Ralph Briggs
Briggs after the bombardment


Adam Booth




Guadalcanal Campaign



Sergeant Ralph Briggs is an NCO in John Basilones battalion


Guadalcanal CampaignEdit

Briggs' first, and only appearance was in episode two during the battle of Guadalcanal. He apparently is an NCO from Able Company, in the 1st Battalion, of the 7th Marine Regiment.

He survived the bombardment of the airfield, and was on his way to tell John Basilone and his friends that Colonel Chesty Puller wants them and all D Company NCOs, until noticing the remains of the bodies in the foxhole.

That night, he called Chesty and gave him bad news. "I've got the whole f**king jap army headed you're way. Over." Chesty then told him that when they pass him, they need to pull out and hook up with Able Company. He survived the assault over the the Matanikau, but was wounded in the arm. He recovered, and would head to Melbourne with the rest of the 7th Marines.

Briggs survived action at Guadalcanal, however he later caught malaria and returned home before Marine forces advanced further in the Pacific campaign. He died in 1998, in New Smyrna Beach, FL. He is survived by 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

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