Doc Stern in Cape Gloucester


Simon Bossell


Pharmacist's Mate First Class


Battle of Guadalcanal,
Battle of Cape Gloucester



PM1 "Red" "Doc" Stern (first name unknown) is the senior Navy Corpsman assigned in H/2/1 of the 1st Marine Division, and a minor character in Robert Leckie's segments.


Stern first appears towards the end of the first episode of the series, tending to a wound sustained by Leckie in the leg.

He would later appear in Cape Gloucester, once again looking after Leckie after the latter gets nocturnal enurisis. He tells Leckie to stay dry, which was not very helpful because they were in the rainy season at the time.

Stern would later appear in Pavuvu after the battle. He checks upon the unmoving Leckie in his bunk, who still had nocturnal enurisis and looked comatose. He then tells Leckie that there was a Military hospital in the neighboring island of Banika, where he can stay until his enurisis is gone.

His final status is unknown.


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