First outlined in March 1941, the D-100 series table of organization formed the basis of the Marine divisional structure of the early war period. The D-series table of organization was modified in January 1942, and again in its final configuration on 1 July 1942. Divisions organized under T/O D-100 fought in the Solomon Islands campaigns. The First and Second and Third Marine divisions all utilized the D-100 table of organization early in their wartime careers.

Marine Division Table of Organization D-100Edit

Divisional units Total
Division Headquarters (334)
Special Troops 3,031
Headquarters Battalion (697)
Signal Company (267)
MP Company (99)
Parachute Battalion (583)
Special Weapons Battalion (856)
Light Tank Battalion (895)
Service Troops 1,946
Service Battalion (959)
Amphibian Tractor Battalion (481)
Medical Battalion (506)
Engineer Regiment 2,452
Engineer Battalion (614)
Pioneer Battalion (743)
Naval Construction Battalion (822)
Artillery Regiment 2,581
3 Pack Howitzer Battalalions (each) (605)
105mm Howitzer Battalion (607)
3 Infantry Regiments (each) 3,168
3 Infantry Battalions (each) (933)
Division Totals 19,514

1. Numbers in parentheses are included in the strength of the next higher headquarters.
2. For clarity, company size units are omitted from this table. All units inclued headquarters companies, and either subordinate companies, or batteries.

Major Weapons and Transportation of the E-series Marine DivisionEdit

Carbine, .30 cal., M1 5,285 1/4-ton 4x4 Ambulance 21
Gun, 20mm, AT & AA 2454 M3A1 Scout Car 14
Gun, 37mm, antitank, SP 20 5-passenger car 3
Gun, 90mm, AAA 6 Station wagon, 4 X 4 11
Gun, 40mm, antiaircraft 16 Motorcycle 12
75mm M3 antitank halftrack 12 Amphibian Tractor 100
M1919A4 machine gun 656 Miscellaneous Tractors 59
M1917A1 machine gun 544 1-ton cargo trailer 142
M2 Water-cooled AA machine gun 32 1-ton water trailer 81
M2 HB machine gun 360 Miscellaneous trailers 97
Reising .45 submachine gun 4,208 1/4-ton 4x4 truck 375
Pack howitzer, 75mm 36 1-ton 4x4 cargo truck 238
Howitzer, 105mm 12 1-ton 4x4 reconnaissance truck 30
Launcher, Grenade, M1 456 2 &1/2-ton 4x4 cargo truck 24
M1A1 antitank rocket launcher 132 2 & 1/2-ton 6x6 cargo truck 229
60mm mortar 63 2 & 1/2-ton 6x6 dump truck 33
81mm mortar 36 Miscellaneous trucks 36
M1911A1 .45 cal. pistol 798
Rifle, .30 cal., M1903 456
Rifle, .30 cal., M1 7,406
M1918A2 BAR 513
Johnson .30 cal light machine gun 87
Light tank 72

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