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William LaPointe
LaPointe in Guadalcanal


Samson Parsonson




Guadalcanal Campaign



Pvt. William LaPointe was a Marine in John Basilone's regiment.


LaPointe first appears after a brutal Japanese bombardment. He is rescued, along with Pvt. Evans and two others, from the ruins of their position by Basilone.

LaPointe is then seen just before the Battle of the Matanikau, where he, Basilone, and Evans shoot down many enemy soldiers before heading off to Sgt. Morgan's position. He would bear witness to Basilone single-handedly shooting down several enemy soldiers, as well as risking his life to give Morgan a clear field of fire.


LaPointe (far right) eating rations.

LaPointe survives the battle along with the three others. He eats military rations as Evans falls asleep. He presumably joins his fellow Marines to Melbourne, however, his fate is unknown.

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